Dental Fillings in Spring Valley, NY

Traditional tooth fillings are dental restorations typically made of silver amalgam. The durability and strength of this material makes it useful for restoring back teeth (molars) that withstand chewing force.

Modern dental fillings in Rockland and Bergen counties are made of plastic and ceramic compounds that resemble the look of natural teeth. These materials are called composite resins and are usually placed on the front teeth. These teeth are the most visible. However, these compounds can be used on the molars depending on the extent and location of the decay.

Dental Fillings in Rockland and Bergen counties

There are several elements that affect the durability, performance, and cost of dental fillings, including:

  • The type of filling material used
  • The amount of healthy tooth structure that remains
  • How and where the restoration is placed
  • The chewing force that the restored tooth will have to bear
  • The number of visits, and length of time needed to prepare and adjust the filled tooth

Tooth Restorations in Rockland and Bergen counties

Prior to your treatment, your dentist in Rockland and Bergen counties will explain all of your options. As a result, you will be able to make an informed decision. Then, your dentist will help you choose the right dental filling for your situation. Before this discussion, it will be good to learn about the types of fillings available at Alan Pressman DMD.

Direct Fillings

This type of restoration can be placed in one visit. Direct fillings include traditional silver, composite, and resin or glass ionomer materials. First, the affected tooth is prepared and then the filling is placed and adjusted.

Indirect Fillings

These options generally require two or more appointments. Included in this category are dental veneers fabricated with a variety of materials and inlays & onlays. Indirect restorations fix teeth that have more damage than a filling can support. However, the damage is not severe enough for a dental crown. At the first visit, an impression will be made and sent to a lab. You will receive a temporary restoration while you wait. At the second visit, the indirect filling will be cemented in place and adjusted as needed.

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