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Dental Dentures & Partials

If you have missing teeth, you may be tired of living with the inconvenience of not being able to eat or speak comfortably. You may even feel self-conscious about your smile. Fortunately, there are several options available for replacing missing teeth. Two methods that have been popular for many years are partials and dentures. Both of these are provided in Rockland County by Dentist Dr. Alan Pressman DMD in Spring Valley.

What are Partials and Dentures?

These are removable dental appliances that are custom-made to fit a patient’s jaw and resemble their natural smile. Complete dentures are used if a full line of teeth have been lost and partials are used if some of the natural teeth remain.

Benefits of Dentures

·         Restore the ability to chew

·         Improve speaking

·         Improves the look of the natural smile

·         Fills out the appearance of the face, prevents the facial muscles from sagging

·         Prevents remaining teeth from changing position.


Types of Dentures

Full Denture

Patients with missing teeth along both the upper and bottom jaw are perfect for a full denture. If the remaining teeth are extracted, full dentures can be placed on top of the tissues. This is called an Immediate Denture. This is done so you do not have to walk around without your smile. Full dentures are created and adhere by suction to the tissues. Ideally no denture adhesives are necessary.

Partial Denture

One of the choices for tooth replacement in the case of one or more missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw is partial dentures. They can be removed easily. Partial dentures are for people who have some healthy natural teeth left. They clasp into position using the natural teeth as its support. They can be made out of tooth colored and pink materials so they look like natural teeth.



It usually takes several appointments to have dentures made. Your dentist, Alan Pressman DMD will take highly-accurate molds and measurements of your mouth to send to a dental laboratory where the dentures or partials will be made. Once they return from the dental lab, it may take “try-in” appointments to make adjustments to achieve a perfect fit.

Use and Maintenance

Wearing dentures usually takes some getting used to. Initially, you may experience some irritation or soreness, as well as increased saliva production as your mouth adjusts to the new appliance. However, these effects should go away fairly quickly. You may also have to practice speaking normally while wearing the dentures.

Your oral health and confident smile are the most important reasons you should replace your missing teeth. In addition, dentures restore your facial contours, maintain the alignment, and bring back your ability to speaking and eat normally. 

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