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Teeth Whitening

You’ve most likely heard of professional teeth whitening treatments offered at your dentist office, such as at Alan Pressman DMD, dentist in Spring Valley. But you may have wondered if they are worth it. After all, there are plenty of whitening products available over the counter that also promise great results. While these products – gels, toothpaste, strips, etc. – are somewhat effective, they do not produce the same dramatic results that you would see with professional treatment.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Whitening products utilize an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. Over-the-counter products are effective only at removing surface stains on the teeth. To penetrate the teeth and treat deeper stains, only professional treatments will work. They contain a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and can break up stains beneath the surface, making them less visible and allowing the natural whiteness of the teeth to be seen more clearly.


In-office whitening treatments are generally safer than treatments you would perform on your own at home. This is because your Dentist Dr. Alan Pressman DMD is trained in using the products safely and has the equipment needed to keep both the teeth and gums healthy. A whitening treatment will usually take 60-90 minutes to complete.

After Dr. Alan Pressman DMD, your dentist in Chestnut Ridge takes note of the current shade of your teeth and selects the new, desired shade, your teeth will be polished with pumice to remove plaque on the surface. Either gauze or a dental dam will be placed around the teeth to keep them dry for the duration of the procedure and to keep the gums protected from the whitening solution. Retractors may also be used to keep the cheeks, lips, and tongue out of the way during the treatment. The whitening solution will then be applied only to the front surface of the teeth and activated with a special light. Depending on the product, it will either be left on the teeth for 25 minutes or 15 minutes and reapplied until the desired shade is reached. At the end of the treatment, the teeth will be rinsed, and a special application may be used to help with tooth sensitivity. You should stay away from teeth-staining products like wine, coffee, and tea or as Dr. Pressman says "Anything that can stain a white T-shirt" for at least 24 hours after your treatment to maintain the best results. These systems come with a take home component to maintain your white smile.

Types of Teeth Whitening in Rockland County’s, Spring Valley

There are many types of bleaching that you can try for your teeth. Typically whitening start with toothpaste at home. It can help in brightening your teeth but not actually sufficient to whiten them. At the dental office of Dr. Alan Pressman DMD, we recommend toothpaste only as a part of the overall whitening treatment but not solely by itself. 

Over the counter whitening solutions such as strips and trays work but not as well as professional dental procedures. Besides, over the counter whitening trays are created to fit everyone’s teeth of, not specifically yours. It means they can become loose, and the solution can get leak resulting in the irritation of gums. 

We advise that people in Rockland County’s Spring Valley book an appointment with Dentist Dr. Alan Pressman. Our professional solutions for teeth whitening can transform your smile’s appearance. Teeth whitening gels that professional dentists use can whiten teeth by 8 shades compared to the 2 shades with the solutions bought from stores. 

Rockland County Dentist Alan Pressman DMD in Spring Valley, will first assess your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for tooth whitening. Then he will determine the type of teeth whitening procedure you require based on the type of stains your teeth have. These treatments are much better than the over-the-counter solutions.

If you want dramatic and immediate results, in-office whitening may be for you. 

To achieve a whiter, brighter smile, schedule an appointment for teeth whitening treatment at Dentist Dr. Alan Pressman DMD in Spring Valley.