Family Dentist in Rockland County | Spring Valley NY

Dr. Alan Pressman Family Dentist in Rockland County

Family Dentist, Dr. Alan Pressman, is Rockland County’s DrillLess Dentist. So now you, your spouse or partner, and even your children can experience painless dentistry. You see, Dr. Alan Pressman uses a painless and noiseless laser in place of a traditional drill! And because the laser is painless, there’s no need for injections! This means Dr. Pressman provides the most gentle dental treatment possible, so you and your family can enjoy an anxiety-free dental experience.

As a family dentist, Dr. Alan Pressman can gently treat your entire family. Now tweens, teens and adults, can experience the benefits of DrillLess, painless dentistry. Family dentist Dr. Alan Pressman, in Spring Valley, not only treats cavities, he can help prevent dental problems from occurring in the first place! Dr. Pressman provides gentle dental services appropriate for your entire family! From general dental services to cosmetic dental services, including clear braces, cosmetic bonding, cosmetic fillings and tooth colored fillings so all of your family's needs will be addressed.

For an appointment with the family dentist with the gentle touch, call Dr. Alan Pressman in Rockland County’s, Chestnut Ridge: (845) 352-2884. Or you can also request an appointment by clicking here