Routine Dental Exams & Cleaning | Rockland County, NY

Dental Exams And Cleanings

Preserving your oral health is the main reason to visit a dentist. By having your  teeth examined twice a year, you can avoid many dental issues that develop and worsen without treatment from a dental expert. Your Dr. Alan Pressman DMD can provide any of the following services:

  • Using a Carivu, a digital cavity detection device, Dr. pressman will look for decay and cracks in teeth
  • Prevent teeth from being lost or extracted
  • Brighten and enhance your smile
  • Detect oral cancer symptoms early


At the Dentist office of Alan Pressman DMD, he will help you preserve your teeth and keep them looking beautiful.


Regular Dental Exams Are Important


Getting regular dental exams can keep you keep your teeth from developing severe or sudden dental issues.. As a dentist with decades of experience behind him, he has seen it all. Dr. Pressman will know precisely what to look for and how to treat various dental issues, diseases, disorders, and symptoms. The first thing you will need is a dental exam, which can be performed in our office.


During your visit , to your Spring Valley dentist, Dr. Alan Pressman DMD the following can be accomplished:


  • Assess oral health
  • Check for gum or bone disease, tooth decay
  • Evaluate any need for tooth restoration or replacement
  • Remove plaque or tartar from your teeth and gumline
  • Check your jaw for any issues
  • Dental x-rays of requiring to screen your mouth for oral cancer
  • Demonstrate oral hygiene techniques


What Happens If You Skip Your Routine Appointments?


By missing your routine dentist appointment, you may significantly comprise your overall health. Spotting dental problems at an early stage allows your dentist in Spring Valley, NY to treat them before they worsen, leading to more intense invasive treatments. Cavities, if left untreated, can lead to infection, tooth decay, and tooth loss. 


Several oral diseases, such as oral cancers, are easily treatable if found early. Having an experienced dentist in Spring Valley, NY, conducting routine exams and cleanings is the best way to determine if you have any health problems that need attention. 


Moreover, many bacteria live in your mouth, which are the cause of tartar, plaque, and gum disease. These bacteria can cause damage to your overall oral health, breath, the appearance of your smile, and even your intestinal tract. Routine dental exams and cleanings can keep these bacteria in check and is also very important to your overall health. 


Visit Your Local Dentist, Dr Alan Pressman


If you’re concerned about your oral health and keeping your teeth clean and pristine, visit Dr. Alan Pressman DMD in Rockland County’s, Spring Valley, NY, for an in-depth examination of your teeth and oral tissues. To be sure that your teeth are healthy for years to come, visit your local dentist at least twice a year. By doing so, you can keep track of your health and keep your teeth looking beautiful for  years to come. In addition, you can reduce the chance of developing tooth decay and other dental issues.

If you have had a bad dental experience prior to seeing Alan Pressman DMD , there’s no need to worry. At the dentist office of  Alan Pressman DMD – we provide some of the best quality care to patients in Rockland County, NY. You can relax because Dr. Pressman is known as The DrillLess (Drill-less) Dentist, as he uses a painless, noiseless, laser instead of a drill for many procedures. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pressman to ensure your oral health is maintained properly.


Schedule an appointment for your routine dental exam and cleaning with Dr. Alan Pressman in Rockland County’s, Spring Valley.