Painless Laser Dental Treatment Means No Injections Needed!

Solea Laser Technology

DrillLess (Drill-less) Laser Dental Care in Rockland County’s, Spring Valley, NY


Technology has been steadily advancing, giving dentists and other medical professionals more ways to treat dental issues with less negative effects on the patient. At the dental office of Dr. Alan Pressman DMD, we provide treatment for several different oral health issues using DrillLess, (Drill-less) Solea laser dentistry technology.


At the dental office of Dr. Alan Pressman DMD, we aim to provide our patients with the latest painless dental technology and add quality to processes and the ultimate product. The DrillLess, (Drill-less) Solea Dental Laser is a technique that we excitedly add to our practice as it provides superior results in less time and at no additional cost to the patient. 


What Is DrillLess (Drill-less) Laser Dentistry


While lasers have been used in general medical practices for some time, dentistry is adopting more uses for lasers during treatment. Surgery is not the only thing dentists can do – you can also get various treatments using laser dentistry methods. Whether it is removing excess tissues in the mouth or brightening teeth, or preparing a tooth with a cavity for filling, lasers have become a part of dentistry – especially at Dr. Alan Pressman DMD.


Lasers have been around for a few decades now in the dental industry. Today, most dental lasers are used to deal with hard tissues or soft tissues and are noteworthy because of their precision in achieving the desired results. The Solea Dental Laser can work on hard tissues like bone & teeth and soft tissues such as gums to produce results.


We can perform procedures with the Solea dental laser that are anesthesia-free (injection-less) , suture-less,  and painless. As we work with light rather than physical tools, the laser can achieve the same results without any pain. Discomfort occurs due to dental procedures is a result of vibration, friction, or both. As there is no vibration or friction associated with a dental laser, the pain factors go away. It means no need for anesthesia or injections.


Being a DrillLess (Drill-less) dentist allows for cutting down on the time it takes to perform procedures while simultaneously giving high-quality outcomes. In addition, it allows Dr. Pressman to get the patient in and out faster than ever. 


What Are Lasers Used to Treat


DrillLess (Drill-less) laser dental care is becoming used more often in dental clinics around the world. It can be used to treat several issues, such as:

  • Preparation of teeth for filling
  • Cold and canker sores
  • Infections in the root canal
  • Gum disease and decay
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Reshaping of the gums
  • Biopsies
  • Exposure of wisdom teeth
  • Removal of tissues in the throat that contribute to sleep apnea
  • Encourage the regeneration of damaged nerves
  • Removal of oral tumors


The Benefits of DrillLess (Drill-less) Laser Dental Treatment


Laser surgery is becoming more popular among dentists to preserve patient’s oral tissues and reduce the discomfort experienced before, during, and after dental procedures. Some other benefits of laser surgery include:


  • Painless and injection-less procedure
  • Quiet, anxiety-free appointment
  • Able to get you back to your day in minutes


Dr. Pressman’s dental office’s goal is to preserve your oral health in any way possible, including laser surgeries. Our dental office is in Rockland County. We can provide you with premier care from a dentist with a gentle touch that works hard to keep your teeth healthy  and  looking beautiful.

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